Fashionista Kim Heechul

Dear Kim Hee Chul,

How are you today?

I’ve seen you’ve been very busy taking photos lately, with the doctor of a clinic, with some fans that talked to you on the phone, your own selcas…

So I came to like your rose-flowered t-shirt ^^

Since I’m on my winter vacation I could be more up-to-date to your stuff. Saw today’s post about the 21Hee.

Nice outfit.

You’re so stylish! I think you’ll be a great designer. And since there are a lot of petals who loves your outfits, your designs would be out of stock very quickly.

Your clothes combinations are sure killing! on my teenager years I used to have the same sense of fashion that you had.

But unlike you, I came to be plain and boring in way of dressing.

So since you can dress like this…

I wish if I could see you wearing something similar to Jeremy Scott…

Imagine going to work with something so stylish, you surely will stand out for your fashion sense.

Or with this Versace suit:

Someday kkk

Take care, and dress well.